Analytical Services

Reservoirs Environmental, Inc. has a full service microbiology laboratory with the capacity to analyze a diverse array of fungi, yeast and bacteria in many different substrates. We are accredited through AIHA for both environmental and food microbiology.

Environmental Mold

Reservoirs Environmental maintains a highly qualified staff of mycologists that are versed in the identification and quantification of Fungi. We are proud to offer fully accredited analysis for both culturable and non-culturable methodologies. With our dedication to reading 100% of spore trap traces and a rigorous QA/QC program we are proud to offer technically sound, legally defensible data.

Environmental Bacteria

Reservoirs Environmental, Inc. is able to identify numerous environmental bacteria. Our microbiologists are highly skilled in the techniques necessary to properly isolate and identify a vast number of organisms from water samples to sewage screens. We are accredited through AIHA and the State of Colorado.

USP797 and Medical Device Manufacturing

Reservoirs Staff of Microbiologists have been assisting the healthcare industry for 13 years. We are versed in the cleanroom and medical device fields and can assist you in developing a microbial monitoring plan. Our staff is experienced in the enumeration and identification of organisms both bacterial and fungal from air samples, surface samples, glove samples and a multitude of medical devices.


Microbiology, one of the fastest growing areas of science, is the study of microscopic organisms. These life forms consist of bacteria, yeast and molds that range from spoilage and contaminating organisms to emerging food borne pathogens. As part of the specialized services, Reservoirs Environmental, Inc. microbiologists can assist you in identifying the source of your contamination and integrate science-based solutions to prevent further outbreaks.  Our professional and in depth approach allows existing problems to be identified and corrective actions to be implemented. Reservoirs Environmental, Inc. is a AIHA accredited laboratory.


Chain of Custody

A chain of custody needs to be submitted with every sample.


Complete List of Analyses

REI is a full-service environmental testing laboratory specializing in Asbestos and Lead analyses


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